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Richard163 viewsRichard is smiling for the camera as Dawn is ready to get started with the clippers.Feb 04, 2011
159 viewsEddie says, "Just a little off the top"!Feb 04, 2011
156 viewsFeb 04, 2011
Haircuts with Dawn150 viewsDawn from "The Works @ Jana's" schedules haircuts every five weeks for residents. Dawn "sets up shop" in the family room where folks can visit while they wait their turn.Feb 04, 2011
Nail Care163 views"Red" is getting his fingernails trimmed and shaped tonight.Jan 29, 2011
Nail Care151 views"Tot" looks forward to Wednesday night Nail Care.Jan 29, 2011
Kathy and Tot189 views"Tot" is enjoying her visit while Kathy trims, shapes and polishes her nails.Jan 29, 2011
146 viewsEsther and "Tot" visiting with Kathy on Nail night.Jan 29, 2011
Tina and "Sausha"144 viewsSausha is a 7 year old pomeranian owned by staff member, Tina Seeley. Sausha comes to work with her "Mom" every Friday 7am-3pm.Jan 29, 2011
"Sausha Marie Seeley"150 viewsSausha is very social, she has a wonderful personality and has a smile that melts your heart. Sausha loves visiting with our residents and enjoys breakfast and playtime with Chyna.Jan 29, 2011
"Chyna Blue Sherwood"151 viewsChyna is a toy pomeranian owned by Karen Sherwood. Chyna is 7 years old and even though she weighs only 3 pounds she is definitely in charge of the house!Jan 29, 2011
Dr. Kari Wood281 viewsDr. Kari Wood, (Guthrie Clinic, Troy, PA) schedules monthly in-home visits for her patients residing at Sherwood Personal Care Home. Then tentative date for Dr. Wood's next visit is Tuesday, January 10th.Jan 29, 2011
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